Universal Homes at Hobsonville Point offer an inspirational series of up-to-the-minute, stunning exterior designs, enhanced with the latest building technology. From single level, one bedroom homes to multi-story family residences, Universals clean, cutting edge architectural style, allows each home to be used to its utmost potential, catering for a diversity of lifestyles and age groups. Universal Homes iron-clad 10 year Master Build guarantee and our long-standing 55 years reputation is our Living Difference promise that our exterior design selection for all our homes at Hobsonville Point will continue to be enjoyed by generations to come.

Interior Design Auckland

Smart & Secure

Homes technology is smarter, simpler and more secure. Universal Homes support tomorrows lifestyles through interactive design, products and solutions.

Interior Design Auckland

Weather Proof

We select quality products with a longer life-cycle to ensure they will be more cost effective in the long run. Our homes are built to withstand New Zealands climate, all year round.

Interior Design Auckland

Life Proof

Your home is your haven where your family should be happy and healthy for  many years to come.  Universal Homes pay attention to quality warranties and product performance, to protect your biggest investment.






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